Recipe: Fat Dragon BBQ’s Cocktails


Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q bar manager Matt Martin makes cocktails with integrity. But while he swears by tried and true combinations of spirits, syrups, and bitters, he’s also not afraid of throwing in a few surprise ingredients from the Far East. Naturally, these drinks pair wonderfully with Fat Dragon’s east-west food fusions. 




1.5 oz gin
.75 oz amontillado sherry
.75 oz fresh lime juice
.5 oz Thai chili-infused agave syrup
pinch fresh galangal (a ginger-type root with notes of mint easily found in Asian markets)
pinch corriander


Combine all ingredients, shake, fine strain into a glass

Garnish by floating a thin cucumber slice on top





2 oz Makers Mark Bourbon
1 oz house smoked sweet vermouth (recipe below)
2 dashes fees old fashioned bitters


Combine all ingredients and stir

Garnish with a brandied cherry and flamed orange zest




Equipment and Ingredients

Plenty of ice
2 wide metal containers, one that fits inside the other
1L bottle Cinzano Rosso
8 cloves and 4 star anise (or other desired spices)
smoker or charcoal barbeque
wood chips (recommended: hickory or fruit woods)


Prepare your smoker as usual

OR (if you haven’t had the chance to import a real Southern smoker from Missouri like Fat Dragon did…)

Prepare your charcoal barbecue – soak wood chips and mix them in with your charcoal briquettes

Prepare your charcoal grill as normal BUT only light the coals on one side of the barbeque

Combine cloves, star anise and the whole 1L of Cinzano Rosso in one metal container. Place on top of the other container containing ice

With your smoker or grill at 225 degrees F, place the container of vermouth (in the ice bath) in your smoker OR on the side of the barbecue that is not directly over the heat.

(If you’re feeling really adventurous, go for the real Fat Dragon technique and throw a few pork bellies in there to smoke as well!)

Note: the ice and the placement of the dish are important to prevent evaporation – you could lose up to 1/4 bottle if you’re not careful!

Monitor and replace the ice consistently

Smoke for 2 hours 

Fine strain the smoked vermouth, pour back into the bottle, let cool and store in the fridge