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Sushi Jin: Entrust yourself to Premium Omakase with Chef Jin

Culinary adventurists with a discerning taste for sushi and an appetite for luxury will love the premium omakase experience with Sushi Jin.

Omakase—to entrust oneself—is the ultimate expression of trust to a sushi chef and an unforgettable opportunity to expand one’s sushi experiences to include new, incredible flavours you may never have imagined.

Premium omakase features 18 dishes that include live lobster sashimi, the best cuts of bluefin tuna, Hokkaido uni and luxury gunkan, among other delicacies. It is served over two hours and prepared entirely at the chef’s discretion, limited only by his imagination.

The secret to this unparalleled experience at Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Award Finalist Sushi Jin is Chef Jin’s impeccable attention to serving extraordinary food to extraordinary guests. With more than 25 years’ experience world-wide and expert training in both Japanese and French cuisine, Chef Jin takes diners on a unique culinary journey.

Bluefin Tuna Otoro Hagashi | Sushi Jin

“Chef Jin keeps to the traditional sushi style, also known as Edomae Sushi, but adds his skills in French cuisine and a contemporary artistic flair,” says Teri Jang, owner of Sushi Jin. “He also provides special items that other sushi chefs typically can’t put in the course, such as Otoro Hagashi or Kamatoro.”

His dishes weigh heavily on live ingredients, such as lobster, snow crab, abalone, spot prawn, King salmon from New Zealand, which is Chef Jin’s favorite salmon, and Gindara Saikyo Yaki, his specialty grilled cod.

Sushi Jin was established in November 2018 and now exclusively offers premium omakase by reservation only. The finest ingredients are imported within two weeks of your reservation for ultimate freshness and quality in every bite.

“Omakase is simply but unique,” Jang says. “Chef Jin depends on the freshest fish or ingredients aged to enhance flavour and texture to create the wow factor. Using the best ingredients means it doesn’t need extra flavouring. That makes it simple. For dishes that do require some extra seasoning, Chef Jin uses a special, unique blend.”

Live Lobster Sashimi & Osietra Caviar | Sushi Jin

Of course, there’s also the experience. “The first reason omakase is special is that people can watch me prepare the food,” says Chef Jin. “There is nothing to hide. The customer feels comfortable and part of the experience.”

“The second reason is that I prepare only the finest and best Japanese fish and local ingredients. Omakase is perfect for someone finds it hard to decide what to have because they can just trust we have chosen the best.”

Visit to book your omakase journey today. Reservations required ($300pp before tax & gratuity).

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