Thanks to Whistler’s New Flute and Fromage, Cheese Lady Summer Is Here

You heard it here first: Cheese Lady Summer has arrived

You lived through the era of Hot Girl Summer. You might even remember Hot Girl Summer round two (or not, if your brain wiped out all of 2020). I’d like to argue that it’s back this year, but with a twist that’s decidedly, well, dairy-based. Enter: Cheese Lady Summer.

Let’s look at the facts. One: I am a lady. Two: This summer I’m focusing a lot of my free time on consuming cheese. And that’s how a movement like Cheese Lady Summer begins.

If you’re curious about joining in on these Lactaid-fueled adventures, then make sure you’ve got cheese and charcuterie plates close at hand for your next get-together—whether it be with a group of friends sprawled on the beach, in front of your TV (because UK Love Island has finally hit streaming) or eating while you’re buying more cheese at Flute and Fromage, Whistler’s newest boutique cheesemonger. 

Picnic blanket with a charcuterie box, chips and snack

The newly opened Flute and Fromage leans into all things cheese and charcuterie, with a wide ranging selection of ingredients that are available to purchase along with high-quality plates and boxes for all of your picnic needs. Also on offer is a rotating selection of natural wines, craft beer and ciders, because really, is it a picnic without a crushable pairing? 

If charcuterie and cheese aren’t your thing (I’m only judging a little bit), there are also daily featured sandwiches (think jambon beurre or hummus, pecorino sardo and veggies) and small hot and cold dishes available (think tuna nicoise or tartiflette). 

A selection of drinks available

While, yes, the shop has a full-service patio (and we do love a patio) with nine seats, if you live in the Sea to Sky region, you can also have the ingredients for your perfect Cheese Lady Summer (this is a gender-neutral term, by the way) delivered right to your door for a $30 flat rate. Or, if you happen live in the Whistler area, from Function Junction to Emerald delivery is complimentary. Vancouverites, you’ll need to just add a visit to your Whistler itinerary on your next trip up this season: the ski run may be closed, but the cheese run doesn’t have to be. 

I had the opportunity to try the selection available and not to brag, but they just-so-happened to include one of my all time favourite cheeses: Midnight Moon by Cyprus Grove. The box also included three other (incredible) cheeses, unpasteurized organic honey, berry jam, prosciutto, duck mousse, artisan crackers and a selection of nuts and dried fruits. 

All in all, Flute and Fromage set me up for my first (and probably fanciest) Cheese Girl Summer picnic, but next time I’m in Whistler, it’ll be a charcuterie patio day for me. 

Flute and Fromage 
102-4305 Village Stroll, Whistler

Custom boxes available by request via email: or by phone (604) 932-7000