The Best Thing I Ate All Week: Kir Royale Jell-O Shots at Key Party

Can you eat a shot? Why, yes. Yes, you can.

Can you eat a shot? Why, yes. Yes, you can.

I never made Jell-O shots in high school (or uni, for that matter) mostly because the process—something that involves an awful lot of boiling, stirring and waiting, according to my very brief research—sounds pretty laborious. More laborious than just taking a few swigs of Captain Morgan, anyway, and, really, don’t they both accomplish the same goal?   

So it was perhaps the sheer novelty of the Kir Royale Jell-O shot that drew me during a recent visit to Main Street’s Key Party. The shooter, one of four specialty shots available at the newly opened clandestine spot, is a sweet hunk of champagne-infused jelly layered atop crème-de-cassis jelly and topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream and a smattering of pastel-hued sprinkles. It’s served in a round glass that’s larger than your standard shooter but smaller than a whisky tumbler (no cheap plastic cups here, folks—this is classy, ecofriendly establishment!), and, for those with tiny to average-sized mouths, can be a tad challenging to consume whole.

But once you do get it on your taste buds, whew, prepare for a party, kids! And, yes, while singing the praises of something as seemingly basic as a Jell-O shot may be hard to believe (or swallow, if you will—especially if you have a tiny to average-sized mouth!), there’s something weirdly satisfying about this jiggly, very palatable combination of alcoholic bevvies that you can knock back and thoughtfully chew on as you contemplate your next sip.

And, listen, the thing just sparks joy, okay? In fact, even after sampling my and my drinking partners’ other libations that evening—including the delightfully minty-fresh Coconut Cream Grasshopper and another shot that used raspberry vodka and tapioca pearls (hot tip: all of Key Party’s creations are vegan-friendly)—the Kir Royale shooter remained my favourite. Must be the sprinkles.

Kir Royale Jell-O shot, $7 each or $12 for two at Key Party (2303 Main St.)