This is—Hands Down—the Best Italian Dessert

Forget tiramisu. Olive oil cake is where it's at.

Forget tiramisu. Olive oil cake is where it’s at.

Truth? For a foodie’s paradise, Italy is surprisingly lacking when it comes to dessert. Pannacotta—meh. Tiramisu? Maybe when Wham! gets back together. That’s why this little beauty of an olive oil cake ($12) from Cibo’s sous-chef Colin Woods is such a wonder. It takes all the things that are great about Italian cuisine—simplicity, unfussiness—and combines them for the perfect end to the meal. And despite its name, the olive oil serves more to provide moistness than earthy flavour. The fact that it’s topped off with a nutty pistachio ice cream is proof we’re not immune to the charms of a dollop of sweetness, judiciously applied. 900 Seymour St.,

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