This New Vegan Restaurant Proves It’s Easy Being Green

No chickens were harmed in the making of this Chick-Un.

Despite the progress made in vegan cooking over the last few years, it’s still hard to believe the words “plant-based” and “comfort food” can belong in a sentence together, let alone in a restaurant. And the West End’s newest vegan comfort food joint—opening this Thursday, October 10—is the brainchild of unlikely suspects: Justin Tisdall and Bryan Satterford of Juke. Yes, Juke, as in the Chinatown spot famed for (and proud of) their fried chicken. Tisdall and Satterford’s newest venture, Beetbox, is opening in the former Little Juke space on Davie.

The restaurant is a counter-service concept that has cozy seating for two dozen, with a menu offering vegan twists on comfort food classics. Choices include a breaded and fried seitan (Chick-Un) sandwich with miso aioli, a plant-based burger with fried onion and pickles, and the hotdog-esque “Chorizo-Verde on a Bun” made from tomatillo, cilantro, and poblano pepper. Sides include baby gem, curry caulifower, and roasted kabocha squash salads, and well as chili cheese fries, tempura onion rings and mushroom XO roasted broccoli. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and these mouthwatering photos have done more for vegans than Lil Nas X did for Billy Ray Cyrus.

In addition to being totally plant-based, Beetbox also uses 100% compostable packaging, with local craft beer and vegan-friendly B.C. wines offered at the bar. Local, plant-based, zero-waste, and between two buns—sounds like comfort to us.


Opens Thursday, October 10
1074 Davie Street