Vancouver Bartenders and Chefs Share Their Holiday Gift Picks

Here's what Vancouver's restaurant pros are adding to their wish lists.

Here’s what Vancouver’s restaurant pros are adding to their wish lists.

Reusable glass straws (from $8)

“With the great plastic straw ban upon us, a reusable straw is a great gift idea to get people in the habit of drinking responsibly. These glass straws are chic and made locally on Vancouver Island. Help save the turtles today!” —Kaitlyn Stewart, Bar Manager, Royal Dinette

Bittered Sling Bitters gift packs ($50)

“Whether you’re an amateur bartender or an expert, a Bittered Sling bitters gift pack will complete any home bar. You can use them in cocktails, flavouring basic soda water or they can even be used for cooking. Sourced and made locally, it’s just another example of an amazing Canadian company doing big things.”—K.S.

Anova Precision Cooker/Sous vide ($200)

“This device can change your world when entertaining. Cooks meats and vegetables to absolute precision on your countertop and will save a tonne of time when you’re in the crunch with guests over.” —Scott Miinns, Chef, Jam Cafe Vancouver“This is on my must-have and want list. You can make things so easily with this sous-vide machine.” —Chef Kazuhiro Hayashi, executive chef at Miku Restaurant

Iwatani Professional Cooking Torch ($52)

“This torch adds another layer of technique to your bag of tricks. Brulée your custard, or gratinée anything in no time without having to overcook anything with your broiler.”—S.M.

Cocktail smoking box ($366)

“This one is pretty much magic! Add a smoky layer of flavour (you choose the chips) to cocktails and your dishes. The box is great to wow your friends and the gun is the star here for adding the smoke to almost anything you want it to.”—S.M.

Balmuda Electric Cooker ($495)

“It is important to have a great electric cooker to make good rice for sushi and Japanese dishes. This is my favourite.”—K.H.

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