20+ Vancouver Restaurants That Don’t Have Patios

We asked for your favourite patio-less restaurants—here are the spots that could really use your takeout money.

Whether it’s long-established al fresco dining or makeshift sidewalk picnic tables, many restaurants have necessarily committed to patio life—but some can’t. We put out a call on Instagram on Sunday for your favourite Vancouver restaurants that don’t have open air dining (AKA, the spots that are 100% dependent on takeout under the current provincial restrictions).

I must credit the idea for this post to my dear friend Laura, who is such a diehard supporter of restaurants that she’s ordered takeout thrice a week since long before the pandemic began. #BuyLocal goals, am I right?

Here are your favourite patio-less places to consider the next time you order in. So, tonight.

Italian Restaurants Without Patios

Osteria Savio Volpe

Cuisine: Italian
Address: 615 Kingsway
Phone: (604) 428-0072
Website: saviovolpe.com

Ask For Luigi

Cuisine: Italian
Address: 305 Alexander St
Phone: (604) 428-2544
Website: askforluigi.com

Oca Pastificio

Cuisine: Italian
Address: 1260 Commercial Dr
Phone: (604) 565-8815
Website: ocapastifico.com

Pizzerina Farina

Cuisine: Italian
Address: 915 Main St
Phone: (604) 681-9334
Website: pizzeriafarina.com

La Quercia

Cuisine: Italian
Address: 3689 W 4th Ave
Phone: (604) 676-1007
Website: laquercia.ca

Chinese Restaurants Without Patios

Bao Bei

Cuisine: Chinese
Address: 163 Keefer St
Phone: (604) 688-0876
Website: bao-bei.ca

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Cuisine: Chinese
Address: 108-777 W Broadway
Phone: (604) 876-8388
Website: dynasty-restaurant.ca

Dinesty Dumpling House

Cuisine: Chinese
Address: 1719 Robson St (other locations in Richmond and Burnaby)
Phone: (604) 669-7769
Website: dinesty.ca

Japanese Restaurants Without Patios

Toshi Sushi

Cuisine: Japanese
Address: 181 E 16th Ave
Phone: (604) 874-5173
Website: facebook.com

Pizza Coming Soon

Cuisine: Japanese (they’re very proud of their confusing name)
Address: 179 E Pender St
Phone: (604) 558-4900
Website: pizzacomingsoon.com

Tom Sushi

Cuisine: Japanese
Address: 1175 Davie St
Phone: (604) 336-0855
Website: tomsushi.ca

Fusion Restaurants Without Patios

Kissa Tanto

Cuisine: Italian-Japanese fusion
Address: 263 E Pender St
Phone: (778) 379-8078
Website: kissatanto.com

Heritage Asian Eatery

Cuisine: Asian fusion
Address: 382 W Broadway and 1108 W Pender St
Phone: (604) 559-6058 (Broadway) and (778) 737-1108 (Pender)
Website: eatheritage.ca

Fat Mao Noodles

Cuisine: Thai, Malay, Chinese
Address: 217 E Georgia St
Phone: (604) 569-8192
Website: fatmaonoodles.com


Cuisine: Asian fusion
Address: 350 Carrall St
Phone: (604) 620-9400
Website: pidginvancouver.com

Pacific Northwest Restaurants Without Patios


Cuisine: Pacific Northwest
Address: 1809 W 1st Ave
Phone: (778) 379-4052
Website: annalena.ca


Cuisine: Pacific Northwest
Address: 217 Carrall St
Phone: (604) 568-1701
Website: labbatoir.ca

Cafes and Diners Without Patios

The Red Wagon

Cuisine: Comfort food
Address: 2128 E Hastings St
Phone: (604) 568-4565
Website: redwagoncafe.com

Noah’s Cafe

Cuisine: Cafe
Address: 572 Davie St
Phone: (604) 336-6571
Website: noahscafe604.com

Fable Diner

Cuisine: Comfort food
Address: 151 Broadway E
Phone: (604) 563-3463
Website: fablediner.com

Jam Cafe

Cuisine: Brunch
Address: 556 Beatty St and 2153 W 4th Ave
Phone: (778) 379-1992 (Beatty) and (604) 423-3350 (West 4th)
Website: jamcafes.com

More Restaurants Without Patios

St. Lawrence

Cuisine: French
Address: 269 Powell St
Phone: (604) 620-3800
Website: stlawrencerestaurant.com


Cuisine: Thai
Address: 1938 W 4th Ave
Phone: (604) 730-5579
Website: maenam.ca

Bodega On Main

Cuisine: Spanish
Address: 1014 Main St
Phone: (604) 565-8815
Website: bodegaonmain.ca

Tamam Fine Palestinian Cuisine

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Address: 2616 E Hastings St
Phone: (604) 620-7078
Website: tamam-fine-palestinian-cuisine.business.site