Vancouver’s First “Motorcycle Cafe” Revs It Up This Fall

Jammer Cafe Motors will be the city's first (maybe the world's first?) social space for motorcylists.

Jammer Cafe Motors will be the city’s first (maybe the world’s first?) social space for motorcylists.

Though some motorcyclists may seem like lone wolves, there’s a reason why biker gangs exist: the road can get lonely. So we can understand why motorcyclist Ryan Valade is so keen to create a community space for bikers to tinker and mingle with his Jammer Cafe Motors, Vancouver’s first-ever motorcycle cafe and community workshop.Lattes and oil changes may not seem like a perfect fit at first glance, but Valade sees the power of a multi-purpose hangout. “We wanted to create a place for anything-with-two-wheels enthusiasts to get great food, coffee and beer,” he explains. “We knew it had to be authentic, almost like a museum to the craft.” Expected to launch late August, part of the charm of this quirky space (which was four years in the making), is its architectural aesthetic. The working garage features a full restaurant and microbrewery tasting room separated by floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The uniqueness of the space is intentional, Valade explains. “It looks like two separate areas, but when guests and clients walk in, it feels like one room.” (Photo Credit: PH5 Architecture)Those who know their way around a transmission can rent a bench and DIY their repairs, but trained mechanics will also be available for full service or sage advice. Over on the restaurant side, you’ll find comfort food made from locally sourced ingredients courtesy of Chef David Martin—think meatloaf and fried chicken. And if mastering the zen of motorcycle maintenance has left you thirsty, there’s also the brewery and cafe, offering beer on tap from Red Collar Brewing and espresso from Pallet Coffee. “Coffee spurs on conversations and I think that goes so well with motorcycle culture,” says Valade. “A place like this hasn’t been done before, which to me, is pretty surprising.”

Jammer Cafe Motors

Opening Fall 2018350 West 8th (Photo Credit: PH5 Architecture)