If Eating Katsu Sandwiches Every Day Is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right

I mean, look at them.

It’s been a messy two years, so can you blame us if we just want something that’s neat and orderly and packaged so gosh darn cutely that we have a tough time even digging into it? These little bundles of joy are the brainchild of Yuzu, which is a store within a store of the always-solid Shiro Sushi on Cambie and 15th. But within the confines of a modest restaurant in a nondescript strip mall, magic happens.

There’s a softly rotating selection of sandwiches (please don’t call them handhelds), but there’s a core group that are note-perfect: a pork katsu that’s the perfect mix of lean and fatty; an ebi with prawn tempura and Kewpie mayo; a beef with teriyaki and American cheese that melts after 3 seconds in the microwave (to name but a few). They’re all packed as charmingly as Pokémon cards—if  Pokémon cards were $4.50 and you ate them immediately after buying them.

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