Follow our tried-and-tested spice route to delicious South Asian fare.



The less-formal stablemate of Vikram Vij’s flagship room, Vij’s, Rangoli serves up lush and hearty vegetable-forward comfort food. Think eggplant and chickpea curry with chapati and raita, or zucchini, spinach and potato sauté with mini pakoras in cream curry. If you simply can’t live without Vij’s signature lamb popsicles, you can order those here, too. The Express Lunch menu is particularly good value.

1480 W 11th Ave.,



A relative newcomer to the city, Delhi-6 has become a favourite for its modern approach to Indian food. Yes, there are the traditional offerings of northern India, including butter chicken, redolent with fenugreek and tomatoes, and the dairy-free and highly spiced vindaloos. But look closely and you’ll notice some unexpected features: Ocean Wise seafood, innovations such as tandoori cauliflower and ginger-marinated lamb chops. The biryani—served in a sealed dough bowl—comes highly recommended.

1766 W 7th Ave.,



A Vancouver institution, Vij’s has settled into its Cambie spot and—praise be—now takes reservations. It’s a restaurant that canny visitors to Vancouver will always have on their must-do list, and Vij’s inventive take on traditional dishes is always on point: it’s upscale, comfortable and has a wine and bar program almost as notable as the food. Try duck koftes in creamy tomato and kale curry, or the “hummingbird” pilaf—a mix of lentil, quinoa and coconut served with beets.

3106 Cambie St.,


Ashiana Tandoori

The friendly service at Ashiana reflects the care and attention given to its menu, where gluten-free, vegan and heart-healthy options are given as much thought as your favourite Indian staples. Try the guncha-o-bahar, a curry of cauliflower and peas, cooked down in a rich cashew cream sauce sweetened with dates and raisins, or the bangara chicken cooked in coconut, peanut and sesame sauce. And the Peshwari naan. Always the Peshwari naan.

1440 Kingsway,


House of Dosas

Open until 3 a.m. daily, this no-fuss eatery has been serving up multiple varieties of the traditional South Indian crepe to hungry diners for over 15 years. Though the foot-long dosas are definitely the draw here, you can also get your fill of other regional specialities, including vada (savoury doughnuts), idly (steamed fermented rice dumplings) and the Sri Lankan street-food staple kothu roti.

1391 Kingsway,