These EAT! Vancouver collaborative chef events still have seats available and you should buy one.

Pino Posterero (Cioppino's) and Antonio Park (Park and Lavanderia)

unnamed.jpg We are almost unseemly excited about this pairing of Vancouver's master of Italian cuisine with Park, the Montreal-based king of fusion (he was raised in South America by Korean parents). It's hard to imagine a tub of gochujang anywhere near Posterero's Yaletown kitchen, but we are confident these longtime friends are going to cook up something truly memorable. Cioppino's, Nov. 8, 7 p.m., $225 (including wine pairings and gratuities).

Ian McHale (Wildebeest) and Naomi Pomeroy (Beast)

DOFL_Wildebeest-500x357.jpg Wildebeest What can we say? A mighty meat feast is surely on the menu when these two chefs throw down together. Expect rich and decadent, but also beauty: both McHale and Portland's Pomeroy have a creative way with all the produce that graces their plates. Wildebeest, Nov. 8, 7 p.m., $150 (including wine pairings and gratuities).

Makoto Ono (Mak N Ming) and Kelsey Johnson (Café Linnea)

MakMing002-500x335.jpg Trailing awards behind them like confetti, these two restaurants have such strong points of view that imagining how their individual visions will play together on the plate is as bewildering as it is exciting. Be sure, though, whatever Ono and Edmonton's Johnson menu includes, it will be precise, unexpected, and simply stunning to behold. Mak N Ming, Nov. 8, 7 p.m., $150 (including wine pairings and gratuities). Buy tickets to these EAT! Vancouver dinner events