Edmonds Appliances and the Dirty Apron’s Chef David Robertson share how to bring home Vancouver’s hottest food trends.

1. Full Fats

Not only does food cooked with full fats taste good, but many nutritionists are also espousing the benefits of high-fat, low-carb diets. “It’s better to eat foods cooked properly using fat than those with an abundance of added sugar,” says Chef David. Whether you’re searing chicken breasts in oil on your cooktop or braising short ribs in their own juices in the oven, cooking with fat is both fun and flavourful. CU_GR304_BSTYLE_061416.jpg

2. Zero-waste

Chef David suggests a simple way of embracing the root-to-stem or nose-to-tail trend at home: “Collect vegetable trimmings or bones left over from roasting meat in a container in your freezer, and use these later to make a beautiful vegetable or meat stock by rinsing, covering with water, and simmering for 45 minutes.” neha-deshmukh-9599-unsplash-e1537214737443.jpg

3. Local Food Sourcing

Chef David believes that Vancouver’s interest in locally sourced food has jut begun. If you’ve got enough freezer space, you can buy meat from local farmers, who sell in bulk. By doing so, you not only save money, but you’ll develop a better understanding of where your food come from, because you’ll get to know the farmer and how the animal was raised. RF203QDUVX1-insitu-internal-sell-in-EDIT.jpg

4. Tacos Come Out of Their Shell

Chef David suggests home chefs unleash their creativity with tacos, a trend that continues to thrive. “Take a little pickled jalapeno, some cilantro, some avocado,” he says, “and add just about anything: fried chicken, pan-seared prawns, beer-battered halibut, slow-roasted pork... Anything goes!” christine-siracusa-363257-unsplash-e1537215093148.jpg

5. Plant-Based Diets

Once relegated to side dishes, vegetables are moving front and centre, and Chef David is excited about their potential to inspire inventiveness. “Take a fennel bulb,” he says, “it can be roasted whole, chopped and pan fried, or diced and served in a salad.” To keep vegetables fresh, store them in your fridge’s crisper at the correct humidity. close-up-fennel-fennel-bulb-159471-e1537217955947.jpg To execute any—or all—of these local food trends at home, visit Edmonds Appliances, where expert staff will help you choose appliances that put you on the path to achieving your culinary dreams. For recipes, tutorial videos, and more tips and trends from The Dirty Apron, check out edmondsappliances.ca/dirtyapron