Plus, the top 10 words used to describe Vancouver's dating scene

It's not impossible to date in Vancouver, but it is definitely more challenging than other cities and countries I've been in." —Male respondent, 18-34  
Vancouver can be a tough place to find love. Our respondents used many words to describe Vancouver's dating scene, few of them romantic: difficult, hard, bad, boring, shallow—the list goes on. To help our single readers out, we’ve gathered some intel on where people meet—as well as where they meet again for that critical first date. Where did you meet your last sexual partner? Screen Shot 2016-02-11 At 1.04.36 PMVancouver's most frequently-mentioned dating spots 1. Cactus Club 2. The Keg 3. Starbucks 4. White Spot 5. Earls 6. Milestones 7.  The Boathouse 8. Nuba 9. Burgoo 10. Chambar Top 10 words used to describe Vancouver's dating scene 1. Difficult 2. Hard 3. Tough 4. Bad 5. Boring 6. Active 7.  Good 8. Shallow 9. Cliquey 10. Youth

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