Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards Program 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards! This is your virtual program, to help you follow along with the ceremony and get hyped up for your category.

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Congratulations once again to all of our 2024 finalists, and thank you to our generous sponsors: our Destination Partner, Destination Vancouver; Bargreen Ellingson; LaSalle College; Cactus Club Cafe; DoorDash; OpenTable; Wine Growers BC; Ponderosa Mushrooms; Phantom Creek Winery; Wilson M Beck Insurance; Crowe Mackay and Global BC.

Please note that due to time constraints, not all category winners will be invited on stage. On-stage awards are marked with an asterix (*) below.

1. *Best Latin American

2. *Best Thai

3. *Best Contemporary (presented by Phantom Creek)

4. Best Korean

5. Best Seafood

6. Best Steakhouse

7. *Best Indian

8. *Best Middle Eastern

9. *Sommelier of the Year (presented by Wine Growers BC)

10. *Best Chain

11. Best French

12. Best West Coast

13. *Best Casual Italian (presented by Ponderosa Mushrooms)

14. *Best Upscale Italian (presented by LaSalle College)

15. *Bartender of the Year

16. *Readers’ Choice: Best Steak

17. Readers’ Choice: Best Burger

18. Readers’ Choice: Best Pasta

19. Readers’ Choice: Best Seafood

20. Readers’ Choice: Best Sushi

21. Readers’ Choice: Best Ramen

22. *Best Vietnamese

23. *Premier Crew

24. Readers’ Choice: Best Dim Sum

25. Readers’ Choice: Best Hot Pot

26. Readers’ Choice: Best Pizza

27. Readers’ Choice: Best Sandwich

28. Readers’ Choice: Best Tacos

29. Readers’ Choice: Best Fried Chicken

30. Producer of the Year

31. Best Upscale Japanese

32. *Best Casual Japanese

33. *Best African and Caribbean

34. *Readers’ Choice: Best Vegan/Vegetarian

35. Readers’ Choice: Best Brunch

36. Readers’ Choice: Best Food Truck

37. Readers’ Choice: Best Coffee Shop

38. Readers’ Choice: Best Bar/Wine Bar

39. Readers’ Choice: Best Brewery

40. *Best Casual Chinese

41. *Best Upscale Chinese

42. *Editors’ Choice: Best Happy Hour (presented by Wilson M. Beck)

43. *Editors’ Choice: Best Business Lunch (presented by Wilson M. Beck)

44. *Editors’ Choice: Best Date Night (presented by Wilson M. Beck)

45. *Editors’ Choice: Best After Work Hang (presented by Wilson M. Beck)

46. *Editors’ Choice: Best Special Occassion (presented by Wilson M. Beck)

47. *Editors’ Choice: Best Private Room (presented by Wilson M. Beck)

48. *Editors’ Choice: Best Any Occasion (presented by Wilson M. Beck)

49. *Editors’ Choice: Best Patio (presented by Wilson M. Beck)

50. *Best Upscale (presented by OpenTable)

51. *Best Casual (presented by DoorDash)

52. *Pastry Chef of the Year

53. *Reader’s Choice: Best Mount Pleasant

54. Reader’s Choice: Best Kerrisdale

55. Reader’s Choice: Best Kitsilano

56. Reader’s Choice: Best Olympic Village

57. Reader’s Choice: Best Downtown

58. Reader’s Choice: Best Commercial Drive

59. *Hall of Fame (presented by Cactus Club Cafe)

60. *Reader’s Choice: Best Fraserhood

61. Reader’s Choice: Best Gastown

62. Reader’s Choice: Best Hastings-Sunrise

63. Reader’s Choice: Best Yaletown

64. Reader’s Choice: Best West End

65. Reader’s Choice: Best Chinatown

66. *Chef of the Year (presented by Bargreen Ellingson)

67. *Reader’s Choice: Best Neighbourhood Wildcard

68. *Reader’s Choice: Best Whistler

69. Reader’s Choice: Best North Shore

70. Reader’s Choice: Best Richmond

71. Reader’s Choice: Best Vancouver Island

72. Reader’s Choice: Best Okanagan

73. *Best New Restaurant (presented by Cactus Club Cafe)

74. *Restaurant of the Year (presented by Destination Vancouver)

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