What makes a producer and supplier of ingredients stand out?

It’s been said that 2016 is the year of the lentil, and this city’s chefs certainly seem to agree—after all, they tapped a company supplying the best lentils on the continent as their Supplier of the Year. Grain—yes, that’s the company’s name—sources dry goods exclusively from Canadian farmers and is used by a wide range of Vancouver’s top restaurants that includes our Best New Restaurant, Royal Dinette. Scott Jaeger, the president of the Chefs’ Table Society of B.C., says Grain’s ability to deliver products sourced from a single farm to its customers  is “a game changer when it comes to putting these items on our menus.” Better still, you can put them on your menu at home and meet all of your various grain and legume-related needs—we'd suggest trying the French lentils—by visiting their online store at eatgrain.ca.