Translink (unsurprisingly) doesn't.

It may have been 21 degrees, the doors might have been sealed shut, a lady may have gone into labour on a train, but Vancouverites caught in a sticky situation yesterday banded together to create one of the funniest Twitter feeds in a long time. Enter #Skyhostage. Speaking June 10, Translink CEO Doug Allen said the 2.5-hour delay across 19 trains was caused by a single faulty engine. Though Allen commended the efforts of Translink staff who attended to most trains in the 20-minute window, critics say his apology is insufficient. Some passengers are publicly demanding refunds for their trip, as per protocol set following the six-hour delay caused by a bird's nest on a wire on May 22. These SkyTrain breakdowns fall just after the transit plebiscite ballot return  deadline of May 29. Though counting has already begun, Elections B.C. expects the process to continue for a number of weeks before reporting results. Thankfully for onlookers, many passengers managed to rely on a collective sense of humour to pass the time. Translink1 Translink2 Translink3 Translink4 Translink5 Translink6 Translink7