The rules are simple: answer a question or eat something terrible.

For our 28th annual Restaurant Awards (see the full list of winners here!) we asked some of Vancouver's top chefs, bartenders and industry leaders to play a game of truth or dare...with a unique culinary twist. They could either answer our most difficult questions—Have you had sex in your restaurant? Who's the most overrated chef in the city?—or eat something from our disgusting selection of foods. Watch the videos below to see who revealed their deepest secrets and who ate duck fetus.

Round 1

Round 2

The Players

Angus An Chef and owner, Maenam

Robert Belcham Chef and owner, Campagnolo

Jenna Briscoe Manager, Café Medina

Quang Dang Executive chef, West

Meeru Dhalwala Chef and co-owner, Vij's

David Hawksworth Executive chef, Hawksworth

Sean Heather Owner, Irish Heather

Jay Jones Bar manager, Vij's


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