So you can figure out which kind of vino you actually like.

Are you one of those people who buys wine based on the coolness of the label rather than its actual taste? It’s like a game of wine roulette—you pick a bottle and hope it’s something you’ll enjoy. But what if you knew whether or not you’d actually like (maybe even love) the wine before you bring it home? We’ve teamed up with Earls Kitchen and Bar to help you do just that. On Tuesday, February 13 we'll be joining sommelier David Stansfield at The Loft at Earls in Yaletown for a crash course in how to buy wine (without sounding stupid)—sounds like the perfect Valentine’s date, no? Enter below—and remember to sign up for our 4x weekly newsletter—for your chance to win! Contest ends February 7. david-stansfield.jpg