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Theatre Under the Stars

Jul 8, 2012

You've seen it on the big screen, now experience it live. For their 66th Season, Theatre Under the Stars is bringing the Tony Award-winning Titanic: A new Musical to the Malkin Bowl. 100 years after that disastrous maiden voyage, the epic event has become a musical in the hands of composer Maury Yeston and librettist Peter Stone. For those after some  zanier adventures, the award-winning Broadway classic The Music Man will play alternating nights.


Blue Box

May 1, 2012

Revolutionary or terrorist? Dubbed the latter by Canada Reads panellist Anne-France Goldwater, Carmen Aguirre performs her one-woman show—adapted from her memoir, Something Fierce—recounting a childhood fighting Pinochet's brutal Chilean regime.


The Voyage

Mar 28, 2012

The magical Boca del Lupo troupe (known for their site-specific theatre, which has included treetops in Stanley Park) takes us on an imagined journey across the Pacific as heard from inside a shipping containers. Embark on a 20-minute sonic journey, presented inside an actual shipping container placed on the old loading ramp on Granville Island, that takes place completely in the dark.

Location: Meet at The Anderson Street Space: 1405 Anderson St, Granville Island

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Mar 21, 2012
This popular one-act fest from Langara College—one of Canada’s premier acting schools—programs work by students and recent grads. Best-case: luck into future Tony Award winners, gain lifelong bragging rights.

Fragments: Volume 1

Mar 14, 2012
In keeping with the name, Fragments contains three solo performances and a duet whose choreography is tailored to fit each dancer’s individual needs and abilities, making for a truly bespoke production. This is the last Canadian stop before the show (the first half of a planned diptych) moves on to France.