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Blue Box

May 1, 2012

Revolutionary or terrorist? Dubbed the latter by Canada Reads panellist Anne-France Goldwater, Carmen Aguirre performs her one-woman show—adapted from her memoir, Something Fierce—recounting a childhood fighting Pinochet's brutal Chilean regime.


The Voyage

Mar 28, 2012

The magical Boca del Lupo troupe (known for their site-specific theatre, which has included treetops in Stanley Park) takes us on an imagined journey across the Pacific as heard from inside a shipping containers. Embark on a 20-minute sonic journey, presented inside an actual shipping container placed on the old loading ramp on Granville Island, that takes place completely in the dark.

Location: Meet at The Anderson Street Space: 1405 Anderson St, Granville Island

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Mar 21, 2012
This popular one-act fest from Langara College—one of Canada’s premier acting schools—programs work by students and recent grads. Best-case: luck into future Tony Award winners, gain lifelong bragging rights.

Fragments: Volume 1

Mar 14, 2012
In keeping with the name, Fragments contains three solo performances and a duet whose choreography is tailored to fit each dancer’s individual needs and abilities, making for a truly bespoke production. This is the last Canadian stop before the show (the first half of a planned diptych) moves on to France.

Vancouver Push Festival

Our picks for this year's annual international performing arts festival

published Jan 1, 2012