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Assistant Editors Keri McDonald, Dani Wright (on leave)

Editor at Large Stacey McLachlan

Wine & Spirits Editor Neal McLennan

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Production Coordination/Design Nadine Gieseler

Digital Ad Coordinator Kim McLane


Sales Enquiries 604-473-0318

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Senior Account Executives Brianne Harper, Amy Lajambe, Mira Hershcovitch, Charie Ilon, Gabriella Sepulveda Knuth, Sheri Stubel

National Media Sales Anna Lee

U.S. Sales Representation, Hayes Media Sales
Lesley Hayes, 602-432-4868, Email

European Sales Representation, S&R Media
Sylvie Durlach, Tel +33 1 44 18 06 62, Email

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VP of Finance Sonia Roxburgh

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Director of Circulation Tracy McRitchie

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