Forget the long line ups and cookie-cutter gifts. Granville Island offers the most original shopping experience and gifts this holiday season.

Does this sound familiar? You’re in a crowded shopping mall, overwhelmed, stressed, hungry because the food court has the same blah restaurants and you’re walking around empty-handed because you don’t even know where to start. Holiday shopping should be fun, shouldn’t it? Enter Granville Island - the perfect holiday shopping destination. Not only will you find the most unique, one-of-a-kind, local gifts, but your shopping experience will be much more relaxing and enjoyable in their beautiful one-stop-shop location. The following is our guide to finding the perfect gift for all of the loved ones on your list.

The Creative

Granville Island has lots of artisan, one-of-a-kind and local offerings for the DIY-ers on your list. These acrylic paints and paintbrushes from Kroma Acrylics are sure to ignite a creative spark.

The Mixologist

Granville Island has everything a cocktail-lover needs to complete their collection. A variety of traditionally distilled spirits, as well as these handy accessories like bitters and mixers, are available at the Liberty Distillery.

The Homebody

Who doesn’t like to cuddle up with a warm mug of tea and read a book? Granville Island is home to many talented ceramists and is also home to the Gallery of BC Ceramics, hosting hundreds of ceramic products from all over the province. There, you can find this adorable animal tableware and hanging plant holder. 


Bright, colorful, entertaining, practical; Granville Island has loads of gift options to keep the kids on your list happy this holiday season. Check out these cute and cuddly gifts from Parade Organics and Circle Craft, sure to please both parents and kids alike.

The Fashionista

The fashion lover is hard to please; making sure you find the perfect, on-trend gift for them requires time and research that you might not have. Check out this timeless handmade leather messenger bag from Hartman Leather. It’s a classic that will never go out of style. Granville Island is home to many artisan shops and restaurants. Visit the Granville Island Giving website for more store and product information