9 Great Gifts for Cats and Dogs, Because Yes, You’re That Person

The best gifts for pets in 2022, from Vancouver and beyond.

Pets don’t need Christmas presents! You say. You seem like a lot of fun at parties! I reply.

Yes, we all know that dogs and cats have no real perception of time, and that technically, every day is a holiday for them (unless you have a service dog or a cat who acts in Hallmark movies or something like that). This story is not for the haters. It’s for folks who want to embrace the festive season, support some local businesses and spoil the only being in their lives who loves them unconditionally. Here are some of our top picks for pet presents in 2022.

9 Awesome Gifts for Cats and Dogs in 2022

Injoya Dinner Table Snuffle Mat

1. A brain-stimulating snuffle mat

I think we can all agree that food is more rewarding when you have to work for it (lobster-lovers, where you at?) and for pets, adding a challenging layer to feeding or treat time helps to stimulate their brains. It also prevents your pet from swallowing their meal whole and then throwing it up and then feeling very confused when you demand they don’t eat it a second time. This Injoya Dinner Table snuffle mat is machine washable and beautifully designed. $49, shopgoodboy.com

2. Dog treats made by a classically trained local chef

Looking for something to put in that snuffle mat? Chef Dan Olson of Railtown Catering and Railtown Café just launched a line of dog treats (with some test kitchen help from his great dane mastiff, Jango). The brand is called… Tailtown. They had to. Flavours include lamb, sweet potato and dried blueberry, beef liver and coconut, Tailtown Turducken and salmon and kelp topper. You can order online or get them at Railtown (or order them on Doordash—don’t teach your dog to use the phone). $16, tailtown.ca


Avocado pet bed

3. An avocado-shaped pet bed

They say millennials can’t afford homes because they’re buying too many avocados–what if the avocado was your home? This Avocado Pet Bed makes that dream a reality. As long as you’re a cat. $52, thenewforestyyc.com

pizza printed dog leash on a pug

4. A pizza-printed dog leash

For the pup who loves pizza (AKA, all of them) there’s the Brooklyn dog leash. It’s made in Canada by local company Woof Concept, and the idea conversation-starter when you and your Dalmatian get tangled up with another hot person and their Dalmatian. $37, woofconcept.com

bacon pet cbd tincture

5. Bacon-flavoured CBD oil

According to Natuur, benefits of this Bacon CBD tincture include “improved digestion, cognitive function, and reduced inflammation.” No, it won’t get your dog high, but he’ll probably still have the munchies. From $32, birchandfog.com

Kissamo pet tags

6. An adorable, personalized pet tag

Vancouver-based Kissamo makes super-unique, laser-engraved pet tags that don’t rust or jingle (which is both a blessing and a curse, because sometimes a “guilty jingle” is the only way to know your pet has disembowled your wastebasket). Designs include bubble tea, bacon and eggs, cup noodles, hot dogs, sharks (pictured in the image at the top of this post) and more. From $47, kissamo.com

7. A handmade bandanna

We love coats and costumes as much as the next self-indulgent pet owner, but a no-fuss bandanna is the best way to dress up your pet without humiliating them. Sunshine Pup Co.’s bandannas come in tons of fun prints, festive and otherwise. From $18, sunshinepupco.ca

Puppygang dog food

8. Human-grade dog food

At risk of sounding like every dog food commercial ever made: do you really know what’s in that kibble? This Ontario-based company ships fresh meals across Canada on a subscription-based service. Puppygang’s ingredients are all-natural and easily identifiable… we wouldn’t blame you if you tried it yourself. Prices vary, puppygangfreshfoods.com

6. A DNA test for your cat

Do you 100-percent need to know the breed composition of the 16-year-old cat who will always choose the rug over the hardwood floor to vomit? Probably not. But will it satisfy the many questions you have about whether or not she comes by her nighttime serenades genetically? It just might. Basepaws CatKit is simple to administer—just rub the swab along their gum lines (okay, easy to administer for some cats), package it up and send it into Basepaws HQ in the pre-addressed box. They’ll send back details about breed composition, traits and health, along with personality, genetic predispositions and dental health. For the cat who has everything. From $178, available through Amazon.