Video: Behind the Scenes With Chefs From Maenam and Bo.Lan

Food critic Lee Man sits down with some of the world's best Thai chefs in his new video series.

We’re big Lee Man fans over here at Vanmag. He’s a long-time food writer and Restaurant Awards judge for our humble publication, and the person we turn to for expertise on everything from where to find the best Cantonese dishes in Richmond to where to grab dinner on Cambie Street.

So we were thrilled to hear he’s experimenting with a new video interview series entitled FoodBot (“A project to satisfy my culinary curiousity,” says Man), a foray intended to spotlight chefs with his signature thoughtfulness and care.

The first entry features Dylan Jones and Bo Songvisava (co-owners of Bangkok’s Bo.Lan) and Angus An (chef and owner of Maenam) on the eve of last month’s collab here in Vancouver, part of Maenam’s ‘Maenam and Friends’ dinner series celebrating the restaurants 15th anniversary. Check it out here:

If you missed out on the night of all-star Thai flavours, well, this is a chance to wallow in regret but also learn a little something about how a chef’s mind works along the way. (And maybe nudge you to grab your tickets to the next Maenam and Friends event before it’s too late again.)