Announcing the Winners of Vancouver Magazine’s 2024 Restaurant Awards

These are the best places to eat in Vancouver—the winning restaurants in our 35th annual Restaurant Awards.

It’s here: the big reveal.. and we mean big. Thanks to a super-sized list of categories (and finalists!), a jam-packed new Readers’ Choice segment, a trio of esteemed Hall of Fame inductees and (just for good measure) a handful of very special Editors’ Picks, we’ve got more than 75 winning restaurants and industry all-stars on our 2024 list. Hope you’re hungry.

Thank you to our destination partner, Destination Vancouver. 

Winners of the 2024 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards

Cuisine Categories

Best African and Caribbean 2024

Best Casual 2024

Best Casual Chinese 2024

Best Casual Italian 2024

Best Casual Japanese 2024

Best Chain 2024

Best Contemporary 2024

Best French 2024

Best Indian 2024

Best Korean 2024

Best Latin American 2024

Best Middle Eastern 2024

Best Seafood 2024

Best Steakhouse 2024

Best Thai 2024

Best Upscale 2024

Best Upscale Chinese 2024

Best Upscale Italian 2024

Best Upscale Japanese 2024

Best Vietnamese 2024

Best West Coast 2024

Marquee Categories

Hall of Fame

Premier Crew

Producer of the Year

Pastry Chef of the Year 2024

Bartender of the Year 2024

Sommelier of the Year 2024

Chef of the Year 2024

Best New Restaurant 2024

Restaurant of the Year 2024

Editors’ Picks

Editors’ Pick: Best After-Work Hang

Editors’ Pick: Best Any Occasion

Editors’ Pick: Best Business Lunch

Editors’ Pick: Best Date Night

Editors’ Pick: Best Happy Hour

Editors’ Pick: Best Patio

Editors’ Pick: Best Private Room

Editors’ Pick: Best Special Occasion

Readers’ Choice Awards

Readers’ Choice: Best Dishes

Readers’ Choice: Best of the Neighbourhoods