18 Vancouver Restaurants Make Canada’s 100 Best List 2024

And we're comparing the rankings to our own awards, because we love to make everything about us.

Exactly one week after our 2024 Restaurant Awards, Canada’s 100 Best has officially released their list of the top restaurants in the country. What a bunch of copycats. (Kidding! We know these things take months of painstaking planning to execute to perfection). A grand total of 18 Vancouver restaurants made it on the list, with the highest ranking local restaurant in spot #7. Because we love to make things easy for you, we’ve assembled a list of all 18… and because we can’t shut up about our own awards, we’re also letting you know how each of Canada’s 100 Best rankings stand up to the 2024 Restaurant Awards.

Vancouver Restaurants on Canada’s 100 Best List 2024

Photo: Sarah Annand

#7 Published on Main

Behind a lineup of all-star restaurants out east (think Montreal’s Mon Lapin and Toronto’s Edulis and Alo, ranking at #1, #2 and #3, respectively) is the top Vancouver spot, according to Canada’s 100 Best: Published on Main is #7. Published nabbed the gold in Best Upscale in Vanmag‘s 2024 awards. Some of us even have a reservation for chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson‘s tasting menu later this week (brag alert).

#10 Kissa Tanto

Next is Kissa Tanto, the only other West Coast restaurant to make the top 10 on Canada’s 100 Best List. Kissa Tanto won Best Chinatown in the Reader’s Choice division of our restaurant awards (hey, our audience knows their stuff) and also won Editors’ Pick for Best Special Occassion (hey, our editorial team knows their stuff, too).

Vanmag also awarded Kissa Tanto server Daniel Maguire with a spot on our 2024 Premier Crew, so make sure to say hi to him the next time you visit.

St. Lawrence

#14 St. Lawrence

At #14 is the beloved St. Lawrence, chef J-C Poirier’s cozy Quebecois restaurant (a delicious spot that also earned gold in Best French from us last week).

Photo by Eric Milic Photography

#16 L’Abattoir

“I still struggle to even describe what our restaurant is,” said chef Lee Cooper in Vanmag‘s June issue. “It’s got a French name… but it’s not really French.” French or not, this Gastown restaurant has earned huge accolades in the past week: #16 on Canada’s 100 Best List and Chef of the Year from Vanmag.

Photo: Allison Kuhl

#20 AnnaLena

AnnaLena won big at the 2024 Vanmag Restaurant Awards (Best Contemporary, Best West Coast, Best Reader’s Choice: Kitsilano and the biggest award we have, Restaurant of the Year) and is ranked 20 on Canada’s 100 Best List. Chef Mike Robbins might need to clear out some space for a trophy cabinet.

Kenta Takahashi of Boulevard. Photo by Leila Kwok

#22 Boulevard

Of course, we love getting dinner at Boulevard, the restaurant that ranks #22 on Canada’s 100 Best List… but the desserts deserve a shout-out of their own, as does Kenta Takahashi, Vanmag‘s 2024 Pastry Chef of the Year (he’s a sweet guy—pun intended—read more about him here).


#37 Botanist

Botanist ranks #37 on Canada’s 100 Best List, and your own local magazine awarded the restaurant with bronze in our Best West Coast category.


#42 Maenam

Thai delight Maenam earned a spot at #42 in the national ranking (but number one in the Best Thai category of our Restaurant Awards).

Mott 32

#47 Mott 32

Mott 32 came in at #47 on Canada’s 100 Best List, and earned finalist status in our Best Upscale, Best Chinese (Upscale), Best Seafood and Readers’ Choice: Best Dim Sum categories.

#48 La Quercia

Beloved pasta house La Quercia came in at #48 in the national ranking, and earned silver in Best Italian in our awards.

Leila Kwok

#59 Masayoshi

Chef Masayoshi Baba’s intricate omakase earned him #59 on Canada’s 100 Best List, and the restaurant received accolades at the Vanmag awards, too—silver in Best Japanese (Upscale).

Burdock & Co

#62 Burdock and Co

Chef of the Year alum Andrea Carlson took spot #62 on the national ranking. Burdock and Co also earned an honourable mention nod at our awards ceremony in the ultra-competitive Best West Coast (yes, Canada’s 100 Best recognized nearly all of Vanmag‘s winners in that category).


#64 Cioppino’s

It’s a bittersweet recognition, just as Cioppino’s win in Best Upscale Italian in our 2024 awards was: Chef Pino Posteraro announced in his acceptance speech last Monday that his iconic restaurant will be closing at the end of the year. Get in while you still can.


#67 Hawksworth

Downtown favourite Hawksworth earned an Editors’ Pick award for Best Business Lunch from Vanmag and spot #67 on Canada’s 100 Best List. This is where the deals (and seafood towers) go down.

Leila Kwok

#78 Tetsu Sushi Bar

Walk too fast and you might miss it… but don’t. We love the intimate omakase at Tetsu, the West End restaurant that got #78 on the national ranking and bronze in our Best Japanese (Upscale) category.

Photo by Hakan Burcuoglu.

#82 Savio Volpe

Savio is loved by locals and visitors alike: it earned Best Fraserhood in our Readers’ Choice division and #82 on Canada’s 100 Best List.

Elephant’s tajarin with aged butter and quantum beef seasoning.

#86 Elephant

There is an elephant in the room, and we’re going to acknowledge it: how’s #86 on the national ranking and finalist status in our Best Contemporary, Readers’ Choice: Best Burger and Readers’ Choice: Best Hastings-Sunrise categories?

Sushi Hil’s chef’s selection lunch set.

#90 Sushi Hil

A newcomer! Sushi Hil is just a couple years old, but squeaked in at #90 on Canada’s 100 Best List. The restaurant also earned bronze in Best Japanese: Casual at Vanmag‘s awards ceremony.

And even though they’re not in Vancouver, we have to shout out Marilena (in Victoria) and Wild Blue (in Whistler)—the two restaurants ranked at #27 and #31, respectively, on Canada’s 100 Best List. They also received accolades in the Readers’ Choice division of our awards… come on, just read the whole list, why don’t you.