Restaurant Awards 2024: Premier Crew

A great restaurant experience isn't just about the chef—here's our annual nod to the incredible front of house staff who make Vancouver's restaurant scene such a special one.

Someone’s cooking here… and not just in the kitchen. Let’s raise a glass to the excellent servers, incredible managers and other outstanding front-of-house heroes who make our hospitality industry so award-worthy.

Ashwan Luckheenarain (left) and Chris Hashimoto, pictured at Kissa Tanto. Photo by Tanya Goehring.

Ashwan Luckheenarain

Restaurant manager and wine buyer, Cómo Tapería

“Ashwan is a beam of light: the kind of hospitality pro who takes charge of the evening, fills your table with better dishes and drinks than you would have been able to pick yourself and does it all with a confident warmth.” —judge Maude Renaud-Brisson

Shirley Fong *not pictured

Server, White Spot

“There are unsung servers making a difference in ordinary, everyday restaurants and Shirley is one of them. Consistently cheerful, welcoming and sincere, she makes guests feel special, chats intelligently on many topics and does her job better than many who work in high-profile restaurants.” —judge Mia Stainsby

Chris Hashimoto

Server, Botanist

“Chris is one the best in the city. He is attentive and very accommodating to the guests at Botanist—the perfect host.” —judge Rob Feenie

Left to right: Daniel Maguire, Antoine Dumont and Hannah Acton, pictured at Kissa Tanto. Photo by Tanya Goehring.

Daniel Maguire

Server, Kissa Tanto

“Fun, charming and professional! He’s part of the Kissa Tanto family and makes you feel welcome and cared for whether he’s behind the bar making drinks or working the floor. Genuine to customers and passionate about the food they serve, he’s part of the reason I come and he makes the dining experience that much more enjoyable.” —judge Mijune Pak

Antoine Dumont

Owner and general manager, Magari by Oca

“Antoine conducts the compact room at Magari like a culinary André Previn—every plate, glass, customer and server is exactly where it needs to be to make the meal an exercise in casual perfection.” —judge Neal McLennan

Hannah Acton

Server, Burdock and Co

“Hannah epitomizes front-of-house excellence, seamlessly blending warmth and professionalism. With a keen eye for detail, she orchestrates a dining experience that feels both intimate and exceptional, leaving guests delighted and well-cared for.” —judge Sylvia Potvin

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