Best Bar Snacks

Hot sopressata, tallegio, and roasted red pepper flatbread ($18) Spicy dry-cured salami from Oyama, aromatic Italian cow’s milk tallegio from Les Amis du Fromage, and roasted sweet peppers baked on flatbread. The Refinery, 1115 Granville St., 604-687-8001

Togarashi nuts ($3) This addictive salty-sweet treat begins as plain white peanuts. After being blanched, they’re roasted with homemade togarashi spice, kecap manis (sweet Indonesian soy sauce), and a few drops of chili oil. The Diamond, 6 Powell St.

DNEggs ($2 each) A bar snack from yesteryear: hard-boiled eggs (organic, brown, and free-range) are served with truffle butter, bacon jam (that’s right), and toasted baguette. They sit on long silver spirals that resemble DNA strands, hence the name. The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe, 850 Thurlow St., 604-569-3415

Black pepper crab fritter ($16) Local Dungeness crab is formed into a crispy fritter and then gets the patented Jean-Georges Asian-infusion treatment with a soy, hoisin, garlic, shallot, and black pepper sauce. Sliced endive and Asian pear costar. Market by Jean-Georges, 1128 W. Georgia St., 604-695-1115

Housemade charcuterie platter ($19) Everything about this signature bar snack is housemade—including the platter it’s served on.The rotating selection of house-cured meats garnished with stout mustard, house pickles, and baked sourdough baguette even comes with a parfait of foie gras for good measure. Boneta, 1 W. Cordova St., 604-684-1844

Mini sliders
(three for $13) House-ground premium beef is piled high with house-cured maple bacon, arugula, tomato, and grainy mustard, and sandwiched between homemade onion buns. Voya at the Loden, 1177 Melville St., 604-639-8692

Tarte flambé ($9) Unleavened bread loaded with fromage blanc, double-smoked bacon made from house-butchered suckling pig, and red onion. db Bistro Moderne, 2551 W. Broadway, 604-739-7115

O-Bites ($8-$12) An entire menu specifically for the bar. The shumai (shrimp and pork dumplings, $9) get a vibrant zing from a yuzu-peppercorn sauce flavoured with soy, mirin, clove, and star anise; the chicken empanadas ($8) come with a housemade mole. Opus Bar, 350 Davie St., 604-642-0557

Le mini mechoui ($16) Seared lamb loin that’s been marinated in sumac, lemon, mint leaves, olive oil, and garli, garnished with Israeli couscous tabbouleh, tahini yoghurt, grilled flatbread, and preserved lemon harissa. Chambar, 562 Beatty St., 604-879-7119

Curried shrimp frites ($16) Housemade frites made from Kennebec potatoes and Florida rock shrimp are coated in a spicy-sweet yellow curry made with coconut milk. George Ultra Lounge, 1137 Hamilton St., 604-628-5555

($2 each, or three for $5) Risotto balls redolent of lemon, oregano, and mozzarella  made from Acquerello carnaroli rice—the same stuff chef Neil Taylor uses for his stellar risotto at Cibo next door. Uva Wine Bar, 900 Seymour St., 604-632-9560