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“Sala Thai” translates to an open pavilion or meeting place where people are protected from the sun and rain, so it comes as no surprise that the Burrard Street restaurant emanates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. First opened in 1986 by Thai owners Joy and Sam Kongsilp, SalaThai has become a mainstay in the downtown Vancouver restaurant scene, expanding from a 65-seat location to an impressive 175-seat establishment without ever sacrificing the genuine Thai hospitality upon which its reputation is built.Having served the Thai Royal Family, SalaThai’s philosophy is to treat every patron like royalty. Textured Central Thailand cuisine plays with classic spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter combinations, all beautifully prepared with the pride, dedication and artistry of the Thai people. Located on the cusp of the Entertainment District, SalaThai embraces the concept of “sanuk”, that life should be fun, turning each meal into a celebration. Delicious food, drinks and echoing laughter transport guests to the light-hearted adventure of South East Asia.