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Sea Spice: Snack with Purpose

Sea Spice by Kove Ocean Foods brings wholesome, spectacular flavour to your meals and snacks while doing good for the environment and local communities

It’s crunchy. It’s salty. It’s garlicky, sea-weedy and absolutely yummy, and you need it on your snackies for more reasons than one. Sea Spice is Kove Ocean Foods’ signature seaweed seasoning, done in a furikake style using sugar kelp flakes grown by Cascadia Seaweed in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.

“Sea Spice is incredibly flavourful and acts like a natural flavour enhancer, enhancing the taste of everything it touches,” says Desiree Dupuis, VP of sales and marketing for Kove Ocean Foods, a subsidiary of Cascadia Seaweed.

Love avocado toast, ramen, and poké bowls? Wait ‘til you try them with Sea Spice. It takes popcorn to new heights and is an easy salad dressing combined with your favourite go-to olive oil.

“It is also great on eggs, steamed rice and baked potato, and awesome for grilling,” Dupuis says. “We put the sea in seasoning, so you can put it on everything you love to eat.”

Sugar Kelp | Kove Ocean Foods

But there’s more. The awesomeness in Sea Spice goes so much further than a delicious topping for your favourite meals and snacks. The product is made using seaweed grown on seven sites around Vancouver Island—regenerative ocean farms which operate in partnership with local First Nations.

“We are hiring local people in remote places like Cortes Island where we are growing and harvesting this beautiful, regenerative crop,” Dupuis says. “It grows in the ocean, so there is no demand on resources like land and water, and there is no need for external inputs.”

In fact, it gives back to the environment. The Kove team quickly noticed ecosystems coming to life among the seaweed farms. “Birds, bears, salmon—these ecosystems are thriving because the seaweed is providing nutrients and helping to create habitat,” Dupuis says.

Poke Bowl | Kove Ocean Foods

Sea Spice also contains nutritional yeast, white and black sesame seeds, dried garlic and onion flakes, poppy seeds, smoked salt and non-GMO canola oil. This May, Kove will be launching this tasty vegan and gluten-free treat in two additional flavours: Sriracha and Lemon.

Sea Spice is available at independent retailers, like Pomme, Red Barn Market and Lifestyle Market, or get a bottle (or get three for free shipping) at koveocean.com/products/sea-spice


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