The Best Takeout to Order at the Park (or Beach) in Vancouver

Now serving: the greatest food delivery options for Vancouver parks.

The number of takeout options in this city is astounding—but one thing the delivery apps don’t have down? Recommendations. Regardless of the time of day or where I happen to be, the very first restaurant that UberEats or Doordash or Skip the Dishes serves me is McDonalds. And while I love a boot-shaped chicken nugget as much as the next girl, we simply have too many great local restaurants to warrant getting McD’s delivered to the park or beach.

So the next time you’re basking in the sun at Jericho or tossing a frisbee in Queen Elizabeth Park, use this list of excellent Vancouver restaurants for all your delivery desires.

And if McDonald’s reccos are just a “me” problem, please, someone tell me how to fix my delivery app algorithm. I’m trying to be a foodie over here.

9 Places in Vancouver to Order Takeout from at the Park (or Beach)

Photo: Tacofino

Takeout Burritos from Tacofino

Tacofino is a takeout classic for a reason—the iconic local chain’s Mexican-inspired dishes are dependably tasty. And five Vancouver locations mean you’re never too far from a taco or ten. Burritos in general are an awesome mobile meal: hearty, packable and only one hand required… kind of. Tacofino’s behemoth burritos (like the crispy chicken, pictured above) aren’t dainty, but they’re the perfect fuel for your ultra-competitive bocce tournament.

Order takeout: UberEats, Skip the Dishes or Doordash



Photo: Railtown Cafe

Takeout Salads and Sandwiches from Railtown Cafe

Railtown Cafe’s lunch combos cover all the bases: add a side soup or salad and a pop for $5 and you’re set to go. The salads are hefty—the lemongrass chicken salad pictured above, for example, is loaded with vermicelli noodles, lemongrass chicken thighs, lettuce, cucumber, red cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, cilantro, nuoc cham and toasted peanuts. And they’re totally customizable (Doordash has 20-plus additional topping options—think pickled red beets, watermelon radish and spiced yams).

Order takeout: Doordash

Photo: Sula

Takeout Kadai Paneer from Sula

If you’re in the mood for something a little hotter, Sula’s your best bet: the Indian restaurant has a vast menu full of winners, from Kadai paneer (pictured above) to pakora to Rjastani lamb masala. Don’t forget the garlic cheese naan… and don’t forget to put on sunscreen before you inevitably fall into a food coma nap.

Order takeout: Doordash or Sula’s website

Photo: Ignite

Takeout Pizza from Ignite

Like Tacofino, Ignite has several Vancouver locations (three in total) so your delivery time should be minimal… none of that “your food will arrive in 50 minutes” crap. Pizza is the world’s most sharable food, and this is the pick for feeding a crowd. At the time of writing, the stone-fired pizzeria is offering buy one get one free pies, so you can get a soppressetta-covered meat lovers and a veggie-friendly smyrna (pictured above) for the price of one.

Order takeout: Doordash

Photo: Maizal

Takeout Burritos (Again) from Maizal

If putting two burritos on this list is wrong, we don’t want to be right. The fact is, these handheld works of art have takeout supremacy. Main Street Mexican street food joint Maizal has burritos (like the thin-sliced rib eye burrito pictured above), tacos, tortas, bowls, and soups… sure, you can eat soup at the park. We’re not judging.

Order takeout: Doordash, UberEats, Ritual or Skip the Dishes

Photo: Street Hawker

Takeout Burgers from Street Hawker

Street Hawker is relatively new on the scene, but the Asian-influenced burgers are unapologetically bold: the McGangster (pictured above) is a glorious mess of beef and fried chicken with cheese and pickles. The pretty-in-purple ube milkshake is delicious, too. This is a pretty good way to get the attention of every dog at the park.

Order takeout: Skip the Dishes, DoorDash and Uber Eats

Photo: Chinatown BBQ

Takeout BBQ Pork from Chinatown BBQ

Hanging with friends at the park is a simple pleasure, and so is BBQ pork on rice from Chinatown BBQ. There’s no need to complicate it—that said, if you want to liven things up with some chilli jellyfish or salted duck egg, no one’s complaining.

Order Takeout: DoorDash, Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats

Photo: Cockney Kings

Takeout Fish and Chips from Cockney Kings

If you’re chilling at a park that also happens to be a beach (what can we say, we’re blessed with a beautiful city and just have the small price of a housing crisis to pay for it), the ocean’s bounty may be on your mind: time to check you Cockney Kings, a new fish and chips spot on Cornwall.

Order takeout: Uber Eats and DoorDash

Photo: Juke Fried Chicken

Takeout Fried Chicken from Juke

Juke calls their popcorn chicken better than popcorn, which feels like an unfair comparison to make—but life’s not fair! Was it fair when that seagull stole your twice-cooked golden fries? Was it fair when you realized you left your sunglasses on your Mobi bike? Don’t complain, eat chicken.

Order takeout: Uber Eats, DoorDash and Skip the Dishes