5 Artists to Check Out at the Eastside Culture Crawl

The city’s most interesting ‘hoods will be draped with the work of some of its most interesting residents.

The annual Eastside Culture Crawl visual arts festival kicks-off today in Vancouver (November 15-18). The four-day event plays host to local Vancouver painters, jewellers, furniture makers, weavers and photographers.In all, around 491 artists will showcase their works all across the city’s east side. Started in 1997, the ESCC hosts an incredible array of talent. Below are profiles of only a few of the talented artists who will be showcasing their works.


Steven Pollock

Born in 1971, Steven Pollock left his high-paying corporate gig to pursue his passion for art and designing. Now Pollock, an internationally recognized artist, produces concrete paintings, sculptures, fireplaces, and furniture. Known for his detailed design, Pollock has been an exhibitionist at the East Side Culture Crawl for more than decade. Inspired by the belief of the limitless “potential of all materials,” Pollock will be one of the many high profiled artists at this year’s culture crawl.

Studio: 1000 Parker St, #BR 1st Floor


Debbie Lelievre

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo PicassoIt only makes sense that Debbie Lelievre would use this quote as a caption to one of her own photos. As a young girl, Lelievre “would watch people and draw them for hours, inventing a story about who they were.” This love of drawing, for understanding the person/character behind her artistic works, has stayed with Lelievre from her youth. Indeed, the inspiration for much of her work stems her from daily interactions with people, a never ending source of fascination for the Vancouver artist.

Studio: 580 Clark Dr, #Studio 580


Zoë Pawlak

A successful painter with over a decade of experience, Pawlak is also a well-respected interior designer with her own rug collection. Her works have appeared in many high-profile magazines, such as Architectural Digest and Interior Design Magazine.Alongside her own artistic career however, Pawlak is also known for her role in helping other artists reach their potential.

Studio: 1000 Parker St, Studio #344


Miriam Aroeste

“I am enamoured with abstraction, because it is all created in the moment. A freedom in expression; it is whatever you want to see.”Art can mean anything to anyone and that is exactly what Miriam Aroeste tries to accomplish with her work: “My hope is that my work evokes the viewers’ own personal narratives, and that the inevitable, highly personal range in what’s seen and experienced ultimately adds depth to the layers of meaning existent in my paintings.” A native of Mexico City, Aroeste remembers the bright vibrant feel of her city, one of the many factors that helped grow her love of art. Her passion for creating led her to study in Paris and Rome until she eventually landed in Vancouver.

Studio: 1000 Parker St, Studio #221


Ingrid Mesquita

Inspired and influenced by “west coast culture, afro-Caribbean/Latino folklore and traditional artisan practices,” Ingrid Mesquita, a recent graduate from Camosun College in Victoria B.C., will be exhibiting her works for the first time at this year’s Eastside Culture Crawl. Her works, echoing her personal influences, experiment with the notions of transformation and duality.

Studio: 321 Railway St, Studio #403

For a complete list of which artists will be at the ECCS event, and where to find their works, you can visit the official ECCS website.