5 Vancouver Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Now

Retail Nightmares

Working in retail gives you insight into the worst of humanity—and some very good stories. In 2015, comedian and writer Alicia Tobin and musician Jessica Delisle started a podcast about their own retail horrors, and since then they’ve tagged and bagged nearly 300 hilarious episodes featuring local guests and funny folks from across the country.

When Kerri Met Allie

What we wouldn’t give for rom-com-like predictability right now. On this podcast, leading ladies Allie Entwistle and Kerri Donaldson invite guests to bring their favourite romantic comedy, then they all critique the mushy, the cliché and the downright bizarre. Listen with a glass of wine while you daydream your own meet-cute fantasy—will it be at the grocery store, or the grocery store?

Dark Poutine

Get your fill of the creepy and the Canadian with this true crime podcast. Host Mike Browne has been producing Dark Poutine since Halloween 2017 (a fittingly haunting beginning) and has since reached over 150 episodes and almost a million downloads. It’s dark history that’s close to home, so prepare to be delightfully disturbed.

Son of Smiley

This is the perfect podcast to listen to during a coffee break or while washing dishes: each episode is between 10 and 20 minutes long. Son of Smiley is a series of stories from Taiwanese-Canadian comedian Ed Hill and his father, Smiley, a first generation immigrant. Between them, there’s plenty of conflict, but also plenty of connection—and with over 200 episodes plus a one-hour comedy special (called Candy & Smiley) coming March 2021, your kitchen will be sparkling.

So You Ruined the Party Again

Comedians Randee Neumeyer and Bobby Warrener host this comedy podcast where special guests tell their best worst party stories. We’ve all done it. We’ve all ruined our own birthday party via our dog eating half a pound of chocolate fudge and then getting sprayed by a skunk. Right folks? Right?