Buy a Beard Painting, Feed a Family

Graham Clark has a secret identity. By day, he’s a beloved Vancouver comedian (and three-time Canadian Comedy Award winner) who runs a weekly standup show at Havana, co-hosts the long-running Stop Podcasting Yourself, writes for This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and tours the Fringe Festival regularly with a phone book in tow. (Or at least he was before life went on pause… what is even true anymore?!)

But when trouble comes to town, Clark springs into action into another role: that of un artiste, a hero with a beard covered in paint.

Clark’s “beard paintings” are, well, beard paintings: acrylic on canvas, applied with his bushy red facial hair. The results are as sweet as they are silly. If you’ve ever thought, “A picture of Frankenstein drinking tea on the moon would really pull this living room together,” Clark has got you covered, but he also can whip out portraits of Dolly Parton or Don Rickles if that fits your home decor vision.

He started selling the paintings years ago to help a friend with cancer treatments, but has since used this whimsical superpower to support everything from earthquake and famine relief to fundraising for a new wheelchair for a fellow comedian. And now, in this time of crisis, he’s taking commissions in support of the food bank. 

If you’re going to support families in need during this weird time in our lives, why not bring a comedian’s weird art projects into your home while you’re at it? At the very least, you’re giving this Vancouver comedy icon something to keep him busy while we’re all waiting to laugh together again. 

Order your beard painting from Clark here.