This Weekend: Embrace the Monkey

Go to Chinatown and join the celebration to welcome the Year of the Monkey

Long weekends may be over for another month, but this weekend still has the potential for some short-lived fun. The Year of the Monkey is here, and the Chinatown New Year parade is back for the 43rd time to make sure Vancouver properly welcomes the Lunar New Year. Over 3,000 people will walk in the parade, with attractions ranging from traditional Chinese lion dances to the Vancouver Police Department’s motorcycle drill-team display.  Over 100,000 spectators are expected this weekend, so make sure to get there early for a prime viewing spot. If you feel like making a day out of cultural exposure or the parade awakens your appetite, you can visit one of our Chinese cuisine Restaurant Awards winners. Celebrating any new year and wrapping up a good weekend deserves to be done right, after all.When: Sunday Feb. 14, 11 am – 4 pm | Where: Chinatown (find the parade map here)