Extra, Extra! The Let’s Hear It Music Festival Is Here

One night, 19 artists and too many venues to count.

Hear ye, hear ye: If you’ve been looking for new music, new artists, or events happening in the city, you might want to add Music BC’s Let’s Hear It festival to your calendar. 

Lets Hear It

Lets Hear It takes place March 18, so grab your tickets ASAP. Nineteen artists with diverse genres will be performing in four different venues (all 19+): 

  • The Fox Cabaret – 2321 Main Street
  • The Anza Club – 3 W 8th Ave
  • La Fabrique St-George – 7 E 7th Ave
  • The Cobalt – 917 Main St

For $15, snag an all-inclusive wristband which grants you access to all venues (depending on capacity)—each is slated to showcase a variety of genres, but you can also hop between venues if you feel like exploring a bit more. The event lasts one night only, which means eight hours of intense musical euphoria before you go back to your normal life with 19 new artists in your playlist.

The artist lineup includes IAMTHELIVING, Kimmortal, Kylie V, Bleako’s Nuclear Disco, and more. “It’s all in one day, with a diverse lineup of genres and artists, making sure that each venue is diverse in genres as well,” says Kentya Kurban, one of the festival coordinators. 

The festival started back in 2018, and soon became Music BC’s main local concert series. Ever since, they have been helping local artists share their music with all of us. “It’s a really good way for us to support the region and have local artists play shows here in the city. We just want everyone supporting each other,” says Kurban.

IAMTHELIVING. Photo by Lindsey Blane.

The festival is extremely diverse in terms of music genres, making it a great opportunity to explore genres… and maybe end up finding something new to love. “We want people to be like ‘oh my gosh, this is my new favorite artist now,’” says Kurban.

I get it: stepping out of your musical comfort zone and finding new music can be challenging. (Take it from someone who was one of Taylor Swift’s 0.05% listeners last year on Spotify Wrapped.) But nothing beats the feeling of finding a new artist you love, or hearing the first chords of your new favourite song. 


If you’re  a musician, take this as your sign to put yourself out there and get involved with upcoming festivals. “It’s easy to meet other artists when you’re supporting one another,” says Kurban, who is especially excited for Kimmortal, after seeing them perform previously at Rifflandia on the ARC stage. “They did not disappoint,” she says.