Get Inspired By Ordinary People at the 9th Annual Interesting Vancouver

The evening will be filled with speakers sharing their not-so-ordinary passions and hobbies.

This Thursday, November 10, the 9th annual Interesting Vancouver event explores the secret lives of Vancouverites at SFU Woodward’s. The evening will consist of 10 talks given by everyday people sharing their unique passions and hobbies: tomorrow night, speakers will include an award-winning kite flyer who also dances with dogs, a mom who spends her nights working as a paranormal investigator, and a videographer from LUSH who is trying to stop the trophy-hunting of bears in Canada.Interesting Vancouver’s mission is to create a sense of community in the city and demonstrate the diversity within it. But the event’s purpose is also to engage, increase empathy, and inspire Vancouverites to be creative in every aspect of their day-to-day life. It should be an energizing night that will provoke reflection on how Vancouver is “a city that doesn’t apologize for creating a new culture in an unusual way,” as founder Brett MacFarlane puts it.Get your tickets here and be inspired by ordinary people doing cool things.

When: Thursday, November 10, 6 p.m.-10:30 p.m.Where: SFU Woodward’s (149 West Hastings Street)