How to See Dear Evan Hansen for $25 (Seriously)

I’ve already snagged my seats to Dear Evan Hansen—and to my sister, if you’re reading this, you still owe me $300—but Broadway Across Canada is giving the ticket-less one last chance to see the show at a significantly lower price point. 

I’m not saying you’re a fake fan if you don’t already have tickets. Maybe you’re like my sister and don’t have a few hundred dollars to spend. Just saying: if you haven’t bought a seat of your own or swindled a beautiful family member into loaning you the money, you can’t call yourself a true Fansen.

I’m kidding, obviously—here’s how to score a ticket for only $25.

Starting 48 hours before the first performance in Vancouver (that’s Tuesday, February 25), you can enter a digital ticket lottery. Winners are drawn prior to every performance, and those selected can purchase a limited number of $25 tickets to the show. You can find more info on the contest and enter here.

No, I won’t be competing against you for those sweet sweet tickets, but if I don’t get a $300 e-transfer soon, my sister might have to enter the draw.