Indie Theatre Fest Returns

The 12-day rEvolver Festival turns a spotlight onto emerging talent from Vancouver and Toronto.

Since its founding in 1999, the mission of Upintheair Theatre has been to give a platform—literally—to emerging theatre talent from Vancouver and beyond. Its annual festivals, Walking Fish and Neanderthal, brought hundreds of artists and dozens of productions in front of the footlights, and in 2013 it continued that tradition with the rEvolver Festival.Returning tomorrow (May 20) to the Cultch for its third year, rEvolver 2015 boasts a dozen productions from Vancouver- and Toronto-based companies—from comedy to drama, shadow puppetry to “drag opera cabaret”—as well as staged readings, storytelling, and Demostage, where artists explain their works-in-progress to an audience, who in turn are invited to ask questions and provide feedback.rEvolver runs to May 31. Tickets are $17-$20 per show ($12-$15 for low-income attendees)*; three-show passes $36-$40. Readings are pay-what-you-can, and Demostage is free. Find out more and download the complete program guide here.*The March 30 staging of Cocktales with Maria is $25-$28.