Pleasant Distraction #1: Virtual Events to Entertain You

The shows go on in Vancouver, and even though our stages have gotten a little smaller, local creatives are still producing great work in a big way. Stay plugged in to the arts with these online events—we know you’re spending all day staring at your screen, anyway.


Premiering February 10

This show goes on in your ears: Unexpecting is the Arts Club’s very first audio play. It tells the story of married couple Annie and Jo, who have been trying for years to start a family. They’re about to give up when their last chance at a baby bursts through their door (literally). Tune in for a touching exploration of marriage, friendship and modern motherhood.

Maddy Rafter, Vivian Tang and Steve Currie make up the Paintskillet podcast. Photo by Chelsey Stuyt.

Paintskillet: A Skill-Based Podbucket

Every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Lots of us vowed to spend the pandemic learning a new skill, but only the brave demonstrate it live online. And only the super brave also do improv. Every week, comedians Vivian Tang, Maddy Rafter and Steve Currie challenge each other to learn a
new skill (for example, beatboxing, echolocation, a Michael Caine impression) and share their new talents for a virtual audience. The shows are free to view on Facebook Live and feature wacky local guests playing even wackier characters.

Credit: Graham Spence.

Isolation Drag with Coco


Local drag queen Coco, the alter ego of Derek White, has been doing a daily drag show on their Instagram channel since lockdown—going on 300 one-minute shows now—and each one is the morning pick-me-up we all need. The goal, says White, is to put a smile on someone’s face. “I try to keep them uplifting, to have a positive message,” White explains. “Something that’s kind of fun—and I have no problem making myself look silly.”
Instagram @drecked

Made in Canada


Created by Pedro Chamale, Made in Canada: An Agricultural Song Cycle digs deep into our local agriculture and sheds some light on the folks who travel here to work under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The audio project is a pandemic pivot from live operetta—listen and grow through this series of music and stories.