The Orpheum to Launch ‘Silent Movie Mondays’ This Spring

The ’20s were more than jazz, sparkly dresses, dance and moonshine. Silent cinema was also part of the Roaring era’s entertainment scene, and it’s returning to Vancouver for us to enjoy in a befitting venue: the always glamorous Orpheum. Silent Movie Mondays start May 1 at this historic theatre—embrace your chance to finally find out why Charlie Chaplin became a comedy legend without uttering a peep. 

The films that will be shown are:

Harold Lloyd – Safety Last

Safety Last (May 1)

A comedy/romance film from 1923. Harold Lloyd moves to New York trying to make money, but finds himself having to climb a building to make enough to support his girlfriend, Mildred. (Mildred better marry him after that).

Buster Keaton – The General

The General (June 5)

Inspired by true events and first premiered in 1926, find out how Johnny Gray faces off against Union soldiers during the American Civil War, while trying to save his kidnapped fiancée.

Charlie Chaplin – The Pawn Shop

Charlie Chaplin Shorts (July 10)

There’s no silent cinema without the great Charlie Chaplin, and his shorts included will be The Pawn Shop, The Rink and The Immigrant—all highlights of his career.

Mighty Wurlitzer

To make the experience even more original, each screening will be in the Orpheum’s domed auditorium will be accompied by the Mighty Wurlitzer, a pipe organ originally developed to accompany silent films. Fun fact: it’s one of only 12 theatre organs that remains in its original home, worldwide.

There will be some special guests, too, including the granddaughter of Safety Last’ lead actor, Harold Lloyd. At each screening, Vancouver Film School will be hosting discussions about the role of silent films in the evolution of film history—so you don’t have to stay silent all night long. So take your pick, or attend all three nights. You’ll have a good time… while also enjoying some peace and quiet. 

Tickets are available now, from $15.50 (family pack of four for $70)