The Results Are In: Meet Vancouver’s New City Bird!

The people have spoken.

Residents of Vancouver have made their decision. Our official city bird is (drum roll, please!) Anna’s Hummingbird! After campaigning for three weeks, the Anna’s Hummingbird received an impressive 3,450 votes out of a total 8,259 to become the undisputed champion.What do we know about our new feathered friend? The City of Vancouver calls the colourful bird “classy, urbane and stylish with the heart of a tiger.” Known for its bright, emerald-coloured features and pink throat (the city has also affectionately described the bird as “flying jewellery”), the hummingbird beat the Northern Flicker, Spotted Towhee and Varied Thrush in the electoral race. As our City Bird, Anna’s Hummingbird acts as a symbol of the important role birds play in our ecosystem and will encourage the implementation of the Vancouver Bird Strategy.To learn more about our City Bird and its responsibilities visit