Watch This Video (And Don’t Skip the Ads) to Donate to Black Lives Matter

It can be hard to take action. We get it. There’s controversy everywhere, and it’s normal to feel paralyzed by choice—where to donate, what to repost, what to say, what to not say. But having those choices is a privilege, and we encourage you to do the work to challenge violence, inequality and anti-Black racism in your community and in yourself.

And while you do the work, watch this video. Youtuber and makeup artist Zoe Amira posted it online on May 30, and 100% of the ad revenue it makes through AdSense will be donated to the Black Lives Matter Movement, including the advocacy groups listed below:

Brooklyn Bail Fund
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Atlanta Action Network
Columbus Freedom Fund
Louisville Community Bail Fund
Chicago Bond
Black Visions Collective
Richmond Community Bail Fund
The Bail Project Inc
NW Com Bail Fund
Philadelphia Bail Fund
The Korchhinski-Pacquet Family Gofundme
George Floyd’s Family GoFundme
Reclaim the Block

Watch the video. Don’t skip the ads. You can even mute it and play it on repeat while you’re researching other ways to support. (Hint: try donating to one of the organizations listed above.) We’re working on more local content centreing Black voices—stay tuned.