Welcome to So Fun City: Vanmag’s Guide to Fun in Vancouver

For anyone still calling Vancouver “No Fun City,” consider the following pages our enthusiastic rebuttal. From dance parties to rowdy wrestling shows, here’s how Vancouverites let the good times roll in 2023.

When we set out to write a story about how to have a good time in Vancouver, we faced a big challenge. But not because this is a “No Fun City”—the real struggle was that there’s actually too much going on here.

While some may accuse Vancouver (and Vancouverites) of being as dreary as the weather, when you scratch the surface, you quickly find creativity, warmth, community, engage­ment and delight waiting on every corner of our fair city. So if you think there’s no fun to be had here, we’re absolutely thrilled to correct you with our introduction to the incredible people making this a world-class cultural hub, along with a jam-packed to-do list of events happening all year round.

The People Keeping Vancouverites Entertained (and Connected)

THE MOVERS: Mount Pleasant’s Formation Studio is working to bring Vancouverites together on and off the dance floor. Read the full profile here.

BIRD OF A FEATHER: The Birdhouse by Eastside Studios is home to parties with a purpose. Read the full profile here.

PAINTING THE CITY: Vancouver Mural Festival is creating a more colourful city—on multiple levels. Read the full profile here.

THE GRAND SLAM: Think of Boom Pro Wrestling as a Saturday morning cartoon come to life. Read the full profile here.

NEXT SLIDE: PechaKucha unites Vancouver’s creative community, 400 seconds at a time. Read the full profile here.

Lists on Lists on Lists of Super Fun Things to Do in Vancouver

THE TO-DO LIST: More than 40 recurring events guaranteed to warm up this allegedly cold city. Fill your calendar with our suggestions here. 

FUN ON A DIME: Eight ways to have a great time in Vancouver, that won’t break the bank. Explore the list here.

MAY WE RECOMMEND? Very enjoyable things to do, as recommended by our editors and expert advisors. Check them all out here.