You Don’t Know Mauvey? Let’s Change That.

In normal times, April 27th would have been a homecoming of sorts for Mauvey. The Ghanian-born, UK-based singer was to have given at concert at Fortune Sound Club that would see the multitalented singer returning to his old stomping grounds. As a teenager he lived in Agassiz, while he was attending a basketball school exchange. Since, he’s traded in his basketball for a microphone and now divides his time between England and Vancouver, which he calls his second home. But Mauvey is still dialed-in to the local music scene; his manager is from here, his fiancé is from Chilliwack and he’s played at Fortune Sound Club numerous times before. Last November he played a cool, intimate Sofar concert  here that you can watch below.

But COVID put a wrench on that concert (and all others) and being idle has been all the more difficult given the events of the past week. But in lieu of performing here, he’s putting out two singles to bridge the gap —both literally and figuratively.  This coming Friday (June 5th), he’ll release two singles GOLDIE and ODYSSEY from his upcoming EP Night Skin, as well as some brand-new merch. 100% of the proceeds from these releases will be put towards a grant for black creative artists. You can stream them here.

When asked about his approach to music making, Mauvey centers on love. This doesn’t just mean swooning lyrics (though he has plenty), but also a purposeful, holistic outlook on the issues surrounding the music industry and his relationship to them. “Instead of just acknowledging the issue, I want to do something about it,” he says. Inequality in music––both racial and gendered––is a cause that he’s wholeheartedly passionate about changing. He can walk the walk, too: earlier this year, he headed out on his worldwide tour with an all-female support band and the expectation to donate a portion of the proceeds to nonprofits supporting women in music. Then the pandemic hit, and he pivoted to releasing new music, in pairs of singles, every single month.

Here’s what you can expect from Mauvey: think Prince meets Michael Jackson meets Childish Gambino. Throw in a few indie artists like Bon Iver and RY X, and you get both powerful vocals to blow you away and whispery, ethereal melodies to keep you coming back. His new releases focus extensively on using 80s-inspired electronic instruments, something that both echoes The Weeknd’s trendy new releases and harkens back to the glory days of synth (Tears for Fears, anyone?). There’s inspiration drawn from artists around the globe, meaning every song has something different to attract a new fan. Whether you’re a fan of trap, pop, R&B, or singer-songwriter, you can find something that makes you smile and think—both of infinite value these days.