Cool Workspace: CMPNY

This Coquitlam co-working space puts a cozy spin on industrial chic.

It doesn’t take much for a co-working space to seem appealing to freelancers and small business owners: any opportunity to actually put on pants and leave the house is a good one. But CMPNY founder Darryl Bosa is aiming higher than that with his company’s beautiful new Coquitlam shared offices, designed by Andrea Greenway. “I want to give our members a place they’re proud to come to work every day,” says Bosa.The goal was to keep things clean and simple, but consistent with the CMPNY brand colours. Natural materials balance out industrial touches, and the 80-plus work stations are bathed in sunlight thanks to smartly oriented windows throughout. “The shared spaces are to be fitted out with work and social areas for those actively seeking collaboration,” says Greenway, “while the consistent design elements throughout the space will establish a strong sense of culture and community.”

PHOTOS: Inside CMPNY’s Coquitlam Office

(Photo: Allison Kuhl.)The accent neon sign was produced by Endeavour Neon,(Photo: Ema Peter.)The use of layered plywood, concrete, felted wool and brushed metal are highlighted with pops of colour, to create “a space that will feel fresh and relevant for years to come,” says Greenway.(Photo: Ema Peter.)“We have an official sized ping pong room, which is a good stress reliever,” says Bosa. The offices also feature a foosball table, a meditation room and hammock zone, pictured here. (In addition to actual, you know, work stations.) “Having a variety of areas including break‐out nooks, lounge areas with soft seating or hammocks, fully integrated boardrooms, glass meeting rooms, and photo/video studios will stimulate creativity and collaboration,” says Greenway.(Photo: Allison Kuhl.)The stainless steel cabinetry adds a chic industrial vibe to the open-concept kitchen, which was designed with socializing in mind. “We wanted to have the environment like at home where people gather around the island,” says Bosa. It’s the home base for CMPNY’s frequent networking events.(Photo: Allison Kuhl.)Exposed concrete and wood paneling can be found throughout the space, but felt panels add a layer of texture. They also serve a practical purpose: to muffle the noise. (Though that being said, co-working spaces are actually less raucous than many assume, says Bosa.) “People are paying mortgages, paying rent, not running around making a lot of noise,” says Bosa. “They need to get work done.” Custom soft-seating and systems furniture was designed by Ella Kane. “The furniture is classic in nature, acting as another layer of architecture in this timeless space,” says Greenway.(Photo: Allison Kuhl.) (Photo: Allison Kuhl.)

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