Sneak Peek: Vancouver’s First Luxury Car Condo

Trove, a luxury car storage condominium facility, seriously updates the traditional garage.

The concept of Trove illustrates the ever-growing auto market in Vancouver, which was just named the new luxury car capital of North America. No longer will the city’s car enthusiasts have to meet in parking lots or coffee shops to talk and tinker: instead, Trove offers gearheads a space that’s part garage, part luxury condo, to stow their favourite playthings. Coinciding with the Luxury and Supercar Weekend, Trove has just officially launched presales, with construction starting early 2018. (Photo: all images courtesy of NoTriangle StudioWith Vancouver real estate being positively bonkers, it is challenging for car collectors with multiple vehicles to house their wheels safely. “I have no room in my garage with four children and toys everywhere,” says Michael Hungerford, car aficionado and developer of this project, an idea that has been three years in the making. Hungerford has been looking to give this passion, that many Vancouverites share, a sense of place. Trove is the first of its kind in Vancouver, but after a decade of popularity in the U.S., this trend is popping up across Canada with similar facilities available in Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto.Depending on your storage needs, car condos range in size from 1,200 to 2,500 square feet, all with a lofted mezzanine to sit back and admire your collection. The Trove condos—located across from Richmond’s auto mall—are designed to hold more than one vehicle with car stackers being an easy instalment option. The ground floor will feature a number of commercial businesses, including a restoration company and detailing shop, and the second floor will be for collectors. If you’re wondering how your collectible car will be any safer here than at home, Hungerford explains that security is a large part of the building process: “Each unit will have CCTV and various levels of 24/7 security.” And convenience for owners is key: accessing your condo is especially easy in that you don’t even have to exit your vehicle. The push of a button will see you driving comfortably into your ground-floor garage, or if you’re housed on the second-floor, you gain access via a car elevator.But this is not just simply storage, no, no, no. Trove also offers the entertainment essentials—add plasma screens, golf simulators, wine storage, or a pool table. Truspace’s lead designer, Jon Meade, drew from the auto centres of the world to create four interior theme packages for condo owners to choose from. The goal was to “provide environments that encapsulate the experiential world of the motorcar,” says Hungerford. Detroit Interior RenderingThe Detroit interior is inspired by the American auto culture. A scene straight from route 66, cool and casual where you can catch up with buddies over beers—think neon signs aplenty and vintage car décor. Stuttgart Interior RenderingStuttgart appeals to the minimalist, taking inspiration from Germany’s concrete-grey street-style. The kitchen goes back to basics with Bulthaup-inspired design and products by German appliance cult-fave, Miele. Maranello Interior RenderingMaranello is undeniably Italian. With furniture from BB Italia, Maranello’s design encompasses what Italians do best—bold colours and fast cars. Goodwood Interior RenderingGoodwood is a nod to all things British. More specifically, the class and sophistication of 007. A swanky affair, this interior has a secret in every corner. Doors to the washroom and mezzanine go unnoticed built into the walls, along with multiple hidden storage areas. Trove’s Luxury ClubhouseIn case hanging out with your car isn’t social enough, purchasing one of these condos gives you access to the private members club and luxury clubhouse, also designed by Meade. Membership includes a calendar of VIP curated events such as regular coffee and chrome mornings, the Porsche rally, new launches, and international trips.Prices for the condos start at $550,000 and can range up to just under $1 million. Before launching at the recent Luxury Supercar Show Trove was sitting at 64 percent of spaces sold, and since launch that has jumped up to 82 percent. Hungerford wouldn’t give away details on the values of some of the cars the condos expect to house, but said it would be a variety of Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Porches, as well as some rarer, more collectible cars will be moving in soon. 

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