Zero-Waste Grocer, Nada, Will Soon to Be a Zero-Building Grocer

East Broadway's Nada is closing its physical location April 30, but will continue to offer groceries online.

After some five years redefining what it’s meant to grocery shop in Vancouver, Nada Grocery will be closing its brick-and-mortar store on Broadway—the zero-waste grocer is going fully online.

The store sent out an announcement today to customers that it will be moving fully online. The letter, signed by co-founder and CEO Brianne Miller and the Nada team, cites a “significant increase in rent, which has made it impossible for us to continue operating our physical store.”

The company, which was one of Vancouver’s first zero-waste grocery stores, says that continuing to pay its workers a living wage would be impossible in the face of the increase. It also cites rising prices, inflation and affordability issues that have been making life challenging for small businesses in the food industry.

Even still, Nada pledges to remain “committed to our mission of reducing packaging waste and finding innovative ways to make a meaningful impact on our environment” through its online operations.

The store’s last day will be April 30, and it will hold a staff and customer appreciation day on April 29.

From our sister publication, BC Business