5 Things to Do in Vancouver This Week (February 3-9)

Slalom Squirrel

February 5 – 9

Okay, Twiggy isn’t technically a slalom skier, but doubles are still pretty impressive for a squirrel. This water-skiing rodent is making her debut at the Vancouver International Boat Show this week. She’s been skiing into the hearts of audiences for 40 years (“Twiggy” is actually several gray squirrels that have been trained in succession, don’t tell the kids). And though her tiny hands holding on to the tiny handle is adorable, she’s all business: Twiggy’s job is to “promote boating and life jacket safety.” Rise and grind, girl.

When: Wednesday, February 5 – Saturday, February 9 (schedule here)
Where: Vancouver International Boat Show
Cost: $15
More Info: vancouverboatshow.ca

Art of Resistance

February 5 – July

Remember the banners that flew from the Iron Workers bridge to protest the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline project? You can get a much closer look at them at Acts of Resistance, the Museum of Vancouver’s newest feature exhibition. This exhibition will display all seven banners created by seven Indigenous artist activists (including Ocean Hyland, pictured above) as well as a video collaboration between Will George and Ronnie Dean Harris, who each designed one of the banners. Will George also rappelled from the bridge as part of a seven-person aerial blockade to prevent an oil tanker from leaving terminal—you’re gonna want to to hear this story.

When: Wednesday, February 5 – July 2020
Where: Museum of Vancouver
Cost: $20.50 for adults (more price info here)
More Info: museumofvancouver.ca

Privileged Players

February 6 – 15

Check out the Canadian debut of Straight White Men, Young Jean Lee’s edgy play tackling white male privilege. The show follows Ed and his three adult sons’ Christmas celebrations, which are “peppered with a little casual homophobia, some light misogyny, and a dash of racism.” Like Lee’s other works, it’s safe to say this show is not what it seems—and if the curtains close and you want to talk, Gateway is hosting a “Talk Forward” after each performance to discuss the themes of the play.

When: Thursday, February 6 – Saturday, February 15
Where: Gateway Theatre
Cost: From $29
More Info: gatewaytheatre.com

Blast from the Past

February 8

Maybe you don’t know who Bedouin Soundclash is (or maybe you do, we get it, you like music) but you definitely know “When the Night Feels My Song,” the 2004 hit they should definitely play at their concert on Saturday. Remember playing that song on your brand-new iPod mini with the revolutionary click wheel?

When: Saturday, February 8 7:00 p.m.
Where: Imperial Vancouver
Cost: $25
More Info: eventbrite.ca

Fuller Moon

February 9

Celebrate the snow moon with a great meal at Burdock and Co.’s new Moon Dinner (not to be confused with New Moon Dinner, though we’d love to see Chef Andrea Carlson’s take on teen vampire cuisine). The celestial dinner series pays homage to a different moon each month. The first in the series is the Snow Moon dinner taking place this Sunday, which features Carlson’s veggie-forward cuisine and natural wine pairings. Even if the moon isn’t full, you’ll be.

When: Sunday, February 9, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Burdock and Co.
Cost: $149
More Info: burdockandco.com