Spend Juneteenth at Vancouver’s Black Culture Celebration This Weekend

The all-day celebration at Sunset Beach park features live music, art exhibits, a marketplace and food.

Now back for its second edition, the Black Culture Celebration is set to grace Vancouver this Saturday, June 17th at Sunset Beach Park. The co-founders, Kenan Williams and Nova Stevens (former Miss Universe Canada title holder), created this event dedicated to “creating new avenues for Canadians to engage with Black culture.”

The day-long celebration is will be packed with musical performances with some of Vancouver’s fast-rising artists including Sekawnee, Kardinal Offishall, Rascalz, Maestro and Choclair.. “These artists have made significant contributions to the Canadian hip-hop scene and will bring their incredible talent and energy to our festival…adding a unique and diverse flavour to the celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary,” Stevens says.

Vancouverites should also expect dance performances, cultural displays and art exhibits from local Black and African artists, plus a marketplace and a variety of food vendors serving flavours from Jamaica, Ghana and other nations. Beer lovers aren’t left out: the festival will have a beer garden for audiences to enjoy a col bevvy or two (or more, we’re not your mom).

According to Stevens, the Black Culture Celebration (BCC) was born out of the vision to create an inclusive platform for Canadians to engage with Black culture. “Celebration is at the heart of the BCC movement, serving as a powerful tool for change and empowerment,” she says. “Through celebration, BCC not only honours the resilience and achievements of Black individuals and communities, but also creates a space for unity, joy, and cultural appreciation.”

In addition to fusing communities in Vancouver and making room for communal engagement with Black culture, it creates a practical and lasting contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The festival’s primary aim is to promote inclusivity and diversity among the various communities in Vancouver through Black culture. This inclusivity and collaboration isn’t just promised on the day of the festival—Saturday, June 17th (just another friendly reminder)—it’s been ongoing since its planning stage. “Our team members, united by a shared vision, have poured their hearts and souls into every aspect of the planning process,” says Stevens. “Each person has brought their unique skills, expertise, and commitment to the table, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.”

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